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Thought Bubble 2020 x 24-Hour Comic Stream

Updated: Jan 13, 2021

I streamed for 24 hours and created a whole comic from scratch as part of Thought Bubble's Digital Con.

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Yup, I'm a moron

Like most real-life events in 2020, Thought Bubble, Yorkshire's own premier comics festival was cancelled and carried over to 2021. Shame, but also of course. I was due to exhibit my comics and prints for the third year running, including volume 3 of Flamefoxes which I was working on but not feeling great about. Anyway, the postponement meant I took my foot off the gas and thought a bit more about how I wanted the comic to go. Then they announced a digital comic con instead!

So there I was, caught with my trousers down - metaphorically speaking - and no new comic to sell. I got thinking, what could I make in a couple of months? Then I blinked and had mere weeks instead (2020 is a wild ride, time isn't so much a flat circle as a dog savagely chewing spaghetti). My solution? I'll do it on the night.

It was ridiculous as an idea, but I streamed myself brainstorming, writing, drawing and lettering a comic over 24 hours on YouTube. I'm 41 years old and tiredness is my default, and while is was actually quite terrifying and not a little masochistic, it was great to have company in the chat.

Maybe I'll do it again...

I didn't record the stream (22 hours total for 24 pages was pushing it, plus I was listening to music so no way YouTube would have allowed it), but click the link to my YouTube channel, where you can subscribe and get notified of future streams!

Finally, the comic! It's called Snake Prince and I'm very proud of the result. Read it here! I hope you enjoy it.

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