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Virtua Love Affair - April 2021

Hi folks!

In the grand tradition of creative blogs, here's the phrase "it's been a while since I updated".

Truth is, I got a new job in a cool animation studio called Dog Ears, working on rigs for an incredible looking streaming show. Of course, as with all work of this type, it's under wraps so I can't divulge any information (yet), hence the quiet times around here. It also means a change of location to Northern Ireland when this whole pandemic and circumstances allow.

BUT! I have been busy in other ways. My radio show Virtua Love Affair is back on air at Reform Radio, now pre-recorded from home and mixed in advance. The April show went out last Sunday (11th) and I think it's the best two hours of music I've ever programmed! A good mix of ethereal dream pop, balearic sounds, classic vaporwave and even a few tracks from retro game consoles.

Highlights for me include:

  1. The 3yo girl/dad combo Ququ with My Way.

  2. Makeup and Vanity Set's A Glowing Light A Promise (apparently featured in the recent Kong v Godzilla movie, but really who cares about that).

  3. I Break Horses' The Prophet, a track I somehow missed entirely in 2020.

Hope you enjoy the show, share it with your friends and let me know your thoughts. It's easy to feel like we're all in our own bubbles at the moment and some feedback on the things we create can make our world a little larger.

I'm also working hard on a new comic to premiere at this year's Thought Bubble comics festival (fingers crossed that it can go ahead) and a practice rig for animation that is very niche but I think maybe three animators in the world will love to play with. Also, a secret project I might not even release under my name. All in all, I've never been busier but with very little to show for it!

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